Music on the Marr

  •  • Ray Laidlaw & Billy Mitchell and The Lindisfarne Story Band present 'Fog on the Tyne'
  •  • Calan
  •  • Artisan
  •  • Dan Walsh
  •  • Fara
  •  • Kasaï Masaï
  •  • Nancy Kerr & James Fagan
  •  • Whapweasel
  •  • Keith Donnelly
  •  • Gentle Men with Robb Johnson & Roy Bailey
  •  • The Pitmen Poets with Jez Lowe, Bob Fox, Benny Graham & Billy Mitchell
  •  • Jon Brindley
  •  • Brothers Gillespie
  •  • Feckless Fuddle
  •  • The D'Ukes
  •  • Mairi Campbell
  •  • The East Pointers
  •  • Marc Block
  •  • Professor Jigget
  •  • Hadrian's Union
  •  • Max Baker
  •  • Roy Bailey
  •  • Robb Johnson
  •  • Ian K Brown
  •  • Steve Ridley
  •  • Ben Gates
  •  • Carlisle Clog & Sward
  •  • Hexham Morris Men
  •  • The Hexhamshire Lasses
  •  • The Duke's Session
  •  • The Young Musician's Showcase
  •  • Sue Allan
  •  • Taimane Gardner
  •  • Steve Ridley and Martin Armstrong
Confirmed Artists 2016: 


Welcome to Music on the Marr, the world's finest small music festival. You should be able to find everything you need here to be able to work out what the festival's all about, why it's brilliant and where it's at. There's also information about who's on (which is being constantly updated), where you can stay and how much it all costs. Please do contact us if you have any further questions - we want you to come and we want you to have a brilliant time.

Music on the Marr 2015

Message From Our Patron


WELCOME. I must declare at the beginning how proud and pleased I am to be Patron of Music on the Marr. I have always been full of admiration of the programming of the Festival. The music you will hear and the performers you'll discover this weekend will, I'm sure, endear you to this wonderful Festival and you'll be back for many years to come. For a relatively "small" festival it certainly has "BIG" ideas. You will be able to dance, listen and sing your way through the weekend. I wish you well and look forward to meeting many of you. It is a relatively small site so as a first time visitor you'll meet many people and make new friends. If you've been before you will hopefully, strengthen the friendships you made in previous years. I am confident we'll meet again and I'm able to offer you the welcome I wholeheartedly do this year.  Please.... have a great time and tell your friends.


Roy Bailey


Listen to Roy Bailey’s life and music. Podcast for Sheffield Live’s  ‘Thank Goddness its Folk’. Interviewed by James Fagan and Sam Hindley.

Not for Profit

Not for Profit
Music on the Marr is a not for profit festival - if we make any money, it will be ploughed back into 2016's festival.

Please also consider donating - it is your support that helps keep this festival going.

Line Up

Line Up

Music on the Marr 2016 is already looking fantastic, with the Lindisfarne Story Band, Whapweasel, Calan and Kasai Masai already on the slipway. More details here:

Hadrian Clog, the Hexham Morris Men, magicians and Professor Jigget the fairy hunter and storyteller will appear over the weekend at times to be announced

Various workshops to be announced

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Cumbria’s Most Friendly Musical Event

MOM Poster

“The small festival that punches well above its weight.”

Katie Spicer EFDSS

“It has a distinctive spirit which you could bottle.”

Tony Hendry. The Living Tradition

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All this takes place in the heart of Castle Carrock: “an absurdly charming Cumbrian village” at the foot of the Pennine Chain.

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2016 Sponsors

We would like to give a big thank you to our sponsors, without them there would be no festival.

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July 21st-24th 2016